I know, I know, lots of intro stuff and no reviews yet. Be patient. We’ll get there.

Another issue I’ve thought about is the how-acquired disclosure. Most reviewers get whatever they’re reviewing (CD, book, concert tickets) at no cost. The thinking seems to be that the reviewer will have more skin in the game if s/he pays. I get a lot of free CDs from friends and acquaintances because I used to write professionally (and have recently started again), and they respect my opinion or hope I’ll talk my editor into a review or they just plain like me. But I also buy myself concert tickets, pay for myself in clubs, and buy books and even CDs.

To some extent, it’s true that I would be harder on something I purchased if the something were pricey. If I spent $150 for a concert ticket and the band only played 30 minutes, or the sound was lousy, I’d probably be a lot more unhappy than if the ticket would be free. A $15 book or CD…not so much.

So I will let you know how I came to possess the item under review. I think that’s only fair.


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